Who We Are

1680 (the nineteenth year of Kangxi), in February, the Qing Dynasty Palace Workshops was established. So far, the first year of the Palace Workshops has begun, and China's top craftsmen have been brought together to enter the Forbidden City. Top talents, top materials and top craftsmanship have created rare cultural works of art in the world.

In 1924, the Qing Dynasty Palace Workshops was abolished. 

In 2022, Oriental Royal1680 was established, using traditional Chinese cultural and creative products as the medium to spread Chinese traditional culture. The brand focuses on the originality of Chinese court cultural and creative products, adhering to the spirit of royal craftsmanship, exploring excellent traditional Chinese culture, handicraft inheritance, and craft innovation, so that the once unreachable Chinese court culture can be passed on to thousands of households, happy people, and strive to share Chinese traditional culture.